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Dream for Generation

DFG is an Organization registered at FDRE Agency for Civil Society Organizations under registration number 6196 on April 26, 2022 G.C in accordance with the Civil Society Organization Proclamation No. 1113/2019.

DFG’s fundamental Objective is to bring about improvements in the livelihood of the disadvantaged community members by mobilizing resources from members & donors (individuals and various groups) who are interested.

We work towards eliminating hurdles like poverty, inequality and various other socio-economic factors that obstructs the development of our society.




To see DFG capable independent organization reaching the needy community in its areas of operation


DFG, in cooperation with its partner’s works towards permitting the disadvantaged community members improve their livelihood.

Principles & Values

DFG is fully committed and stands for the following core guiding principles and values:


Commitment in Peace building and conflict resolution matters


Alleviation of poverty with determination


High level of integrity and full commitment for its vision, mission values and objectives


The necessity of women’s participation as equal partners with men in all socio-economic activities


The importance of environmental care and rehabilitation

Envisioned plan

Improve management and use of environmental resources in a sustainable way (training & awareness creation, support establishment of environmental clubs, forest development groups, creation of market linkage etc.).

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