Our Services

What We Do

We work towards eliminating hurdles like poverty, inequality and various other socio-economic factors that obstructs the development of our society.

Training & Awareness creation

Support Establishment of Environmental Clubs

Forest Development Groups

Creation of Market Linkage

Fundamental Objective

to bring about improvements in the livelihood of the disadvantaged community members by mobilizing resources from members ,donors ,individuals and various groups interested through:

Enhancement of income generating capacity of productive poor women and elderly people,

Improvement of management and use of environmental resources in a sustainable way

Provision of educational supports to the needy groups, individuals and communities with strong thirst for education

Peace-building and mitigate conflicts

Enhancement of livelihood and self-sustaining of homeless and street-children

Provision of clean drinking water and sanitation services

Provision of supports to Health/disease prevention and caring efforts

Reaching the needy community in its areas of operation!

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